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Short answer is YES!

Tempered Glass is best for toughness and usability – cheap plastics ones may not perform as well so glass is surely the way to go.  Mobile Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protectors save your precious device from scratches and everyday wear & tear…plus in some instances having a screen protector on when you drop your mobile may take the brunt of impact – even in the event of a smashed digitizer the screen protector will still hold it all together until you are able to visit ScReeN FiXiT Mandurah or your local mobile phone repair hero.  For just a small cost you may save yourself hundreds in screen replacements/phone repair costs…so especially if you or someone you know if a serial phone smasher…they are most certainly worth the investment!

At ScReeN FiXiT Mandurah we don’t just repair mobile phones & tablets, we also sell Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for most iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy models plus genuine charging cables & accessories in-store.  Ask our friendly Device Repair Specialist to install for you to save the trouble of dreaded screen protector bubbles.

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