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Standard Diagnostic Fee = $40 (inc GST).  Full job payment must be made upon completion of the repairs – otherwise the device will be held until payment is received.

Most repairs are completed ‘on-the-spot’; however some circumstances you may require you to leave your device in the shop overnight. Please ensure contact details are correct so we can get in touch if required.

Please ensure all important information has been backed up safely prior to having repair work undertaken.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal data and the consequences of that loss. ”

Sometimes it is not possible to diagnose all underlying issues before giving initial quote (e.g. motherboard damage).  Customers will be informed of any additional costs/charges prior to the work being conducted (i.e. additional parts required and/or labour).

If device is severely damaged &/or has more complicated underlying problems it may be deemed “irreparable” you will be notified ASAP, however please note Standard Diagnostic fee still applies.

Please notify upfront if you require warranty work, as in most cases ANY repair works will void manufacturer’s warranty obligations.  NB: After repair works device may no longer be deemed waterproof/resistant.

Liquid damage’ repairs are complicated, time consuming & often futile type of repair & significantly increased risks of full system failure or other problems over time.  Therefore at this time we are not undertaking repairs on any devices with ‘liquid damage’ unless full consent is given to release all liability.

We reserve the right to refuse any jobs for any reasons including (but not limited to) repairs considered difficult &/or risky in nature; issues sourcing parts; staff availability & so on.